A Better m19 alternative.

When it comes to automating your Amazon Ads you don't want to make the wrong choice. Any decision made by the automation software will directly affect your profits margins. Make sure to implement the right solution tailored to your business to grow your profits and avoid inefficient costs.

If you don't run a "L'Oreal" or "Danone" business size yet, here are 5 reasons why PPCAssist is a better m19 alternative for you.


Keep full control.

AI automation makes decisions you do not have control on.
Without understanding the business context (competitors, promotion period, your current goals etc), that can lead to expensive cost !

With PPCAssist you always stay in control.
You see every action 12 hours before they are executed and can cancel them.
You can even choose manual mode so that no action is ever executed without your confirmation.

In this way you can let the automation run while avoiding risky decisions.

Confirmation mode

Full automation control

Unlimited strategies

Understandable actions


Rely on indie ads experts.

m19 and PPCAssist share one thing in common: They both have been created by tech entrepreneurs.
One major difference tho is that while m19 fully relies on tech and AI, we strongly believe, thanks to our experiences, that human experts are crucial.

Experts know proven working strategies.
They are the ones working with multiple companies and seeing winning patterns.
They are the ones always staying up to date regarding Amazon Ads evolution.
AI is just a tool, human experts are the partners you will need to put your business to the next level.

Handpicked Independent Experts

We interview, test and approve the best experts with proven track records.

Try their strategies

Try their strategies before deciding if you want to hire them.


Be the only boss.

PPCAssist is a fully bootstrapped company, founded by a former Amazon seller.
m19 is a company funded by investors.

They sold an AI vision to their investors and are answerable to them.
By not only relying on client payments, they can afford to make way more mistakes that might affect their clients.

At PPCAssist, our clients are our ultimate authority.

Our success depends on being genuinely profitable through our clients.
Our only objective is to provide effective solutions that enable them to succeed, leading to mutual success.
If our clients win, we win.

Feedback driven

Evolutive tool


For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs


We made it easy for you.

Amazon Seller Central and Ads Console can be a nightmare to navigate, right?
We have been through that. We know how important it is to keep things simple and intuitive.

Don't believe us. Start a 14 free trial now and see how smooth the experience is.

Never get lost

Intuitive user experience. Every feature comes with a 30s video if needed.


Need more help ? Chat with us. A real human will answer.


Up to 10 times cheaper!

Amazon is great but let's be honest: they take a lot !
Referral fees, FBA fees, storage fees, PPC, long term storage, Vine etc... That hurts !

Imagine adding 400€ per months to those costs, for a tool that will make decision you don't even control nor understand.
Well that is what you would get with m19.

At PPCAssist, our mission is to help entrepreneurs (not L'Oréal) grow their businesses.
This is why our price goes from 39 to 99€ / month maximum.

Furthermore, we will never ask for commission fees on ad costs like m19 could do.
That makes no sense.

Tailored for entrepreneurs

Fair prices

No commission percentage

39 to 99€ / mo

Try it for free.

Start your 14 days free trial. Grow your profits now.

No credit card required.


Built for Entrepreneurs.

Ads are crucial, but we know you need more.
Track your profits, grow your reviews and more, in one place.

PPCAssist PPCAssist


From $400 /mo to $400 /mo +3% of your adspend / month

From $39 to $99 /mo

PPC Automation

(no control)

Expert & Customizable Strategies
(full control)

Keywords tracker

Currency conversion

Sales Dashboard

Review Requests Automation

PPC manual edits

Mobile App

iPhone & Android

Profit & Loss


All Amazon Fees

Evolution view

Ads data only

Ads & Organic data


Your business in your pocket.

You sometimes are obsessed refreshing your Amazon Seller app.  We know it... Time to receive pleasant notifications and more.