How it works

59 seconds to understand.

How it works

Human-Intelligence automation.

AI is great to generate horses wearing suits, not to make decision that affects your profits.


We interview and select the best Amazon indie experts with proven track record.


They share their best Amazon PPC strategies.


You apply their strategies or create your own.

Grow your profits now.

Try best expert's strategies.
14 days free trials.

No credit card required.


Keep full control.

No AI bullshit. No costy blind decision. Always track and control what the automation does.

Full auto mode

Confirmation mode

Track efficiency

Rules based


Key metrics at a glance!

Intuitive dashboards

Get your key metrics filtered by country, period and products.

Easy evolution tracking

Quickly see how things evolves and what to improve


Ads workspace made easy!

Targets breakdown

Easy and quick way to discover what to improve.

Live edit

Directly edit your bids from PPCAssist.


Our customer says

Very intuitive and easy to get started with. The reports and the public section are very useful to know where I stand. PPCAssist allows me to easily identify which keywords to focus on and which keywords to stop using. I'm increasing my margin by improving my total ACOS week after week.


On his way to leave his job.

Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, I can see at a glance (Ad Cost, Ad Revenue, Organic Revenue, Total Revenue, and many other useful data points) to manage PPC and increase my margin. Downloading Ad reports with just one click saves a considerable amount of time. [...] I recommend PPCAssist to all Amazon sellers who want to save time managing their ads, increase their margin, and track their profits and losses.


Associated with a childhood friend.

[...] PPC can be a real headache for most Amazon sellers (understanding the data, managing the budget, quickly identifying converting or non-converting search terms, etc.). Since I started using PPCAssist, I have gained a better understanding of all the data related to Amazon advertising, which has significantly reduced my PPC expenses. It is very user-friendly, and even if you're not comfortable with numbers, you can easily navigate through it. I see my ACOS improving week after week. I highly recommend it without hesitation.


Founded a business with her husband.

If you're struggling to manage your advertising expenses and need a place to gather all your data, in my opinion, this is one of the best investments. I can finally manage my entire business, make decisions, and grow my activity. Furthermore, the team is constantly improving their application, and it's available in French! This tool has allowed me to manage my margin accurately and increase my profits. I highly recommend it! It's simply indispensable!


Left France for an Island 8000 km away

This new tool combines a range of Seller data sources into key indicators and clear yet comprehensive dashboards. I find it very useful for optimizing various performance aspects, increasing profitability, and improving positioning without getting caught up in time-consuming tasks. New features are constantly being added, and the development team remains available and attentive to the needs of sellers.


Living his passion thanks to his Amazon business.

I was struggling a lot with PPC. Took a well known french expert courses and complete it with PPCAssist. Game changer.


Left her fulltime job.

Your Amazon business in your pocket.

Receive sales notifications, track your key metrics and your ads automation.

All you need, in one place.

Sales Dashboard
A nice and easy look at your sales, costs profit & orders accross multiple periods.
PPC Automation
Automate experts strategies or create your owns.
Review Requests Automation
Boost your 5-stars reviews by just enabling review requests automation.
Profits & Loss
Just enter your cost of goods and see your profits (all Amazon costs included)
Targets Breakdown
Easiest way to see what works or not through your ads targets.
Targets Workspace
Filter your targets and edit their state and bid at a glance.
Mobile App
Receive pleasant sales notifications and follow your key metrics
Evolution View
See all your ads and organic metrics for any period in few clicks
Downloadable Reports
Download weekly ads and activity reports in 3 seconds
Multi Stores
Connect up to 10 stores with one account
Campaigns Browser
Navigate through your campaigns accross multiple countries, easily.
Weekly Reports
Receive nice weekly reports by email, each monday.

Powerful yet affordable.

Revenue - Ad Cost / month

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Billed monthly

Payment frequency
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Frequently Asked Questions

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In which countries does it works ?

PPCAssist works for absolutely all Amazon countries, for seller accounts (not vendor).

Can I connect multiple stores ?

Yes, you can connect as many store as you want and switch between them.

How do you manage my data ?

As ex-sellers we know how important your data is. Privacy and security is our number one concern. We never sell or share any data with a tier.

Can I try for free?

Yes, you can try all the tool for free during 14 days. No credit card required!

Improve your profits.

Start improving your profits now, for free.


Profit Margin Increase

Average after 12 weeks using PPCAssist


ACOS improvement

Average after 10 weeks

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