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Nice and intuitive view of your key metrics across countries and time. Clearly see your profit evolution, through Amazon's tens of cost. Instant knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Get actionable advices... and automate what you want.

Understand your business.

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Weekly key insights of your business.

Get to know how you are performing towards your goals each monday morning, effortlessly.



Instant dynamic reports.

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Smart Tracker

Every moves tracked.

datamz fully tracks your listings and ads changes so you understand their impacts.

smart tracker

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Average TACOS
    • Très intuitif et facile à prendre en main. Les rapports et la partie pub sont très pratiques pour savoir où j'en suis. datamz me permet très simplement de savoir sur quels mots clés miser plus et quels mots clés arrêter. J'augmente ma marge en améliorant mon total ACOS semaine après semaine.

      Younes S.
      EU seller since 2019
    • I use datamz to manage 15 clients account. Works very well and makes me gain lot of time.

      Ahmad .S
      Amazon PPC consultant
    • Very intuitive. I like the keywords breakdowns, alerts and the weekly reports that help me know what to do each week.

      Maria T.
      6 figures US / AU seller
    • Evolutive tool with real community behind. I used to struggle and not really understand what I was doing with my PPCs. Now it is much easier.

      Hélène M.
      EU seller since 2023

Simple fair pricing.

Aligned with you. Your success is our interest.

Payment frequency


19 / month

  • All features included
  • Monthly revenue - ad cost up to 2 000
  • Up to 20 products (SKU)


39 / month

  • All features included
  • Monthly revenue - ad cost up to 7 500
  • Up to 50 products (SKU)


59 / month

  • All feature included
  • Unlimited revenue
  • Up to 1000 products (SKU)
All features.
21 days free trial.

Frequently asked questions

Any other question ? Ask us via the chat button below.

    • Can I connect multiple stores ?

      Yes, you can connect as many store as you want and switch between them in one click.

    • How to ask a feature ?

      Most of our features came from seller's demand. Just share your needs on Discord or via chat.

    • How can I get an expert assistant ?

      We do not provide consulting service. Thus, you can join our Discord community and get helps from hundreds of experienced sellers.

    • Can I download my reports ?

      Absolutely. You can download you activity and ads report within a simple click.

    • I did not start selling, can I register ?

      In order for datamz to work you need to have at least 1 product and be registed in the Advertisement console

    • Can I connect my Amazon KDP account ?

      Unfortunately not. We do not manage Amazon KDP for the moment.

    • In which countries does it works ?

      datamz works for absolutely all Amazon countries, for seller accounts (not vendor).

    • How do you manage my data ?

      As ex-sellers we know how important your data is. Privacy and security is our number one concern.
      We never sell or share any data with a tier.

    • Do you use artifial intelligence ?

      No. Artifial Intelligence is a buzz word. Real AI solutions needs huge data for it to be relevant. Our assitant and automation is based on Human Intelligence rules created by Cyril Bentz, a top Amazon Ads expert.

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